You can never have too much of a good thing.

Apparently, this summer can never have enough good free agents, either.

In an offseason that already couldn’t get any bigger, Dirk Nowitzki and Amar’e Stoudemire have both upped the ante even further.

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Stoudemire will reportedly opt out of his contract, unless the Suns immediately re-sign him to a max deal. This decision is certainly less surprising than Dirk’s, as Stoudemire has already been connected to various trade rumors throughout the past two seasons.

Still, many people felt that Stoudemire would end up staying with Phoenix, given their recent playoff success.

Either way, Stoudemire is now considered one of the prized forwards in this year’s offseason.

Yet, for all his promise and production, Stoudemire still remains one of the League’s more frustrating stars.

A supremely athletic forward, who can now shoot as well as he finishes, Stoudemire consistently falls asleep on defense and/or disappears on the boards. Plus, he now has the knee and eye surgeries as potential question marks.

He’s certainly capable of being a max-contract player, but does he actually deserve one?

It’s the “what ifs” and “whys” that make Stoudemire so perplexing.

What if he always attacked the basket, crashed the glass, and blocked a Dwight Howard quantity of shots, like he's capable of? Why can he drop 42 and 11 while completely dominating Pau Gasol in Game 3 of the Conference Finals, but then fail to be anywhere close to that during the rest of the series?

Still, there’s enough money this summer to pay Stoudemire now and figure out all the questions later. Whether he’s a team’s incoming star or the sidekick to a bigger name, Stoudemire’s finishing and shooting ability are coveted commodities, and the market appears to dictate a big payday.

Here are the top three potential destinations for Stoudemire this summer.

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