When I said that I thought the NBA Finals would look "familiar" again this year, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Sure, not a single one of us is surprised to see the Lakers back again, but I've been betting against the Celtics for three series in a row now.

As I said at the end of my Eastern Conference preview, I don't feel stupid at all now that they've proven me wrong yet again.

The second meeting in three years may seem a little more familiar for these franchises, but this Finals match-up offers no less intrigue than it did in 2008.

My Playoff Prediction series (found here: http://bleacherreport.com/users/130480-dr-trade/archives/newest?rel=nofollow) has been predicated upon the assumption that you've already sifted through a lot of the hype and the reams of information that are out there.

I'm concentrating on brevity (truly, a monumental undertaking for me) and just giving you the straight diagnosis.

My bedside manner remains the same for the Finals. Here are the match-ups and key advantages for each team at each position.

I'll save your eyes, so that they're ready to watch some great basketball. You can thank me later.

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